Love for our land

The origins

Villamagna DOC

It all began in the 1960s, when every small peasant reality in the medieval village of Villamagna in the province of Chieti, in Abruzzo, produced the grapes from which it obtained an unmistakable pitch black wine, necessary to satisfy only the needs of the family.

In more recent times, a group of enthusiasts, armed with knowledge and love for their land, began studies and research that led to the identification, in a small area in the municipalities of Villamagna, Vacri and Bucchianico, one of the most suitable areas for production of great red wines. This is how this prestigious denomination of controlled origin was born, aimed at delimiting and protecting this territory and its wines that smell of an ancient art, linked to the value of the land, and to a wine "as it was once made" .

Traditional method

The Vinification of the Villamagna DOC

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Quality experience

Villamagna Doc is dream, sacrifice, passion, perseverance, story, origin, hope, values, harmony.

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Out terroir

Earth and Microclimate: two elements of a perfect and unique territory. The soils have a sandy-clayey structure, generally loose, with variable thickness in relation to the slope and exposure. Not just land, the microclimate plays an important role: distinct seasons and considerable temperature variations between day and night, favored by the proximity to the Majella massif and the coasts of the Adriatic Sea, determine optimal conditions for the amplification of aromas and noble tannins. that sign the structure of a great red wine.

The production area

The DOC Villamagna has a production area limited to only 85 hectares where the most suitable lands have been selected for the production of a wine obtained from a native vine of the area, in the municipalities of Villamagna, Vacri and Bucchianico in the province of Chieti, with exposure to the south-east or south-west and altitudes between 30 meters and 180 meters and a yield per hectare limited to 120 quintals.


The Villamagna

The "Villamagna" wine is aged until November 1st of the second year following the harvest.
The wines, both in the basic and Riserva versions, have an intense ruby red color, with slight purple hues that tend to garnet with aging; the smell is fruity, intense, sometimes ethereal and spicy; the flavor is dry, rightly tannic, full and harmonious.